Are you looking to improve the learning outcomes of students in your school?

Do you want to know how teacher training improves your students' performance?

Do you want to know how we upskill teachers that impact students learning outcomes?

If yes, join us for an insightful LIVE webinar with Zonal Academic Excellence Director, Ullas Kumar on the Impact of teacher training on students' learning outcomes.

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What to expect?

The webinar will focus on the following points that can help you implement an appropriate teacher training program at your school:

  • What are student learning outcomes and how to measure them
  • How does teacher training impact the learning outcomes
  • What kind of interventions can school owners to improve teacher training
  • How does LEAD help you upskill your teachers


This is just the beginning...

In this series of FREE webinars, we'll be inviting more esteemed educationists and subject matter experts to give you valuable insights and answer your questions about anything related to the school education sector. The knowledge and expert opinions are intended to help you gain knowledge and in turn, grow your school.

Salient Features:

  • Industry-relevant topics
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Latest trends and policy updates
  • Network with industry veterans


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