Learn more about India's First Coding and Computational Skills program for schools

Transform your school with India's 1st coding program designed for schools

Ready to make your students genius coders? Download the PDF to understand how LEAD's Coding and Computational Skills (CCS) can revolutionise your students' creative abilities.

*Note: For School Owners/ Principals/ Teachers


The CCS program applies the 'USE, THINK, BUILD' approach combined with an excellent curriculum and accessible technology. With this method, students make practical use of software programs, which helps them think and, finally, build websites, games, apps and much more.

What makes LEAD's coding program so unique?

  • Budget-friendly price compared to our market competitors
  • Teachers are empowered and upskilled with LEAD experts
  • Learning through audios, videos, and exciting projects
  • Remedial sessions to solve students' difficulties and for conceptual clarity
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